Intermediate Japanese Class

For 6 months to 1 year, 4 times a month

1, あいさつ Greeting
2, ほめる Offering praise
3, 依頼 Request
4, 尋ねる Inquiring
5, 許可 Requesting permission
6, 申し出る Making an offer
7,  誘う Inviting
8,  断る Refusing
9,  苦情 Issuing a complaint
10,電話応対  A phone call
11,謝る  Apologizing
12,症状を説明する  At the hospital
13,役立つ話し方のコツ  A tip of making conversation  

1 lesson
  Private Lesson   2500yen(50min)
 Group(2 persons) Lesson  2000yen(50min)